Company Overview

Panaxia was established in order to provide patients with standardized, validated and GMP-manufactured medical cannabis products.

Medical cannabis is used to treat diverse illnesses and conditions, with proven results and effectiveness. Yet, as cannabis is an agricultural product in nature, it lacks the standards and regulations that apply to pharmaceuticals. This is where Panaxia comes in.

Aligning medical cannabis with the highest available pharma standards

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia belongs to a corporate group established 50 years ago that includes Luminera, Maayan Haim pharmaceutical compounding facility and Tree of Life Pharma. The group’s companies integrate extensive knowledge in pharmacy and chemistry along with years of pharmaceutical experience, from R&D via product registration and manufacturing to marketing and sales.

At Panaxia, we apply stringent GMP standards to our medical cannabis manufacturing facility and processes, from early planning stages to post-manufacturing quality control. We employ highly educated and experienced team of chemists, biologists, pharmacists and biomedical engineers, and adhere to the quality assurance standards acceptable by the pharma industry.

Research oriented. Development dedicated

Panaxia’s origins are strongly rooted in research and development, and the company bases its products, manufacturing processes and quality control analysis on cutting-edge technologies. The result is a wide variety of innovative, standardized and validated medical cannabis products designed to benefit the lives of people suffering from diverse illnesses and conditions.

The company currently conducts its activities mainly in North America, with an active manufacturing facility in New Mexico and three additional facilities in various stages of development. Panaxia’s R&D center is located in Israel, and is managed by senior scientists and graduates of the Weizmann Institute of Science.