Our Technology

Cannabis Extraction Method

Our medical cannabis oil products are manufactured from cannabis plant extracts. Extraction is carried out in ethanol and includes a decarboxylation step. The final oil product formulation includes pharmaceutical grade excipients to provide preservation and prevent oxidation of the products.

The extraction process is conducted under quality control restrains that ensure the accuracy of the product. In-Process-Control evaluations are performed at four steps along the chain of production and final quantification in the oil extract is determined by HPLC analysis.

Our products are released with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) document.


Quantification of Cannabinoids

Detection and quantification of cannabinoids is performed using reversed phase HPLC systems equipped with a UV detector. Additional HPLC system equipped with PDA detector is applied for complex analyses.

The advantages of HPLC system:

While Gas Chromatography (GC) provides high resolution analysis , it can only measure neutral components. Consequently, detection of the acidic cannabinoid forms can only be achieved following protection of the carboxyl,  a non quantitative reaction that limits GC analysis of naïve plant material. HPLC on the other hand, has the ability to directly detect acidic compounds and thus quantitatively detect cannabinoids in their naïve and unaltered composition. This feature makes HPLC a preferable analytic  instrument to quantitatively determine the composition of cannabinoids in cannabis plant material and products. Furthermore, HPLC is a two dimensional system (time and wavelength) that with the PDA detector provides three dimensional information, thus offers improved selectivity.


Reference Standards: The accuracy of  any analytic method is directly related to the quality of the reference standards, meaning that high quality standards are essential for reliable quantification. To ensure the accuracy of our measurements, we use purchase certified  reference standards. Standards are used for generation of calibration curves and are applied to every analysis.