Research & Development

Motivated by the need to  provide patients with pharmaceutical grade products, we set the goal to develop the paradigm for cannabis based medical products  in Israel. As part of the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry, we can comply with the required constrains and regulations that are fundamental components of pharmaceutical development and production.

Taking that road, our R&D team develops the monograph for cannabis oil extracts. We also develop an analytical method for quantification of cannabinoids in cannabis plant material and products. The method validation follows USP guidelines.

Alternative Routes of Administration:
The currently approved routes of delivery for medical cannabis are by smoking or taken orally as an oil product. We have developed and standardized the protocol for production of cannabis based oils. However, additional routes of administration are essential for efficient delivery of the drug when treating different indications.  Other formulations are designed to obtain improved bioavailability and enhanced absorption of the drug. These developments are currently intended for clinical trialsto study the effect of medical cannabis in various indications.