Development of Analytical Method

Elucidating the composition of plant material is a challenging task. For that end, our team develops analytical methods to determine both qualitatively and quantitatively the composition of cannabinoids present in raw plant material. Our method analysis is performed by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipped with a UV detector. A PDA detector is applied for identification and specificity in analysis of unique cannabis plant material. Furthermore, HPLC is a two dimensional system (time and wavelength) that with the PDA detector provides three dimensional information, thus is the preferable analytical tool for characterization of cannabis plant material.

Additionally, since cannabinoids are not the sole component of the cannabis plant, we are continuously developing methods to quantify terpenophenolic compounds as well.

Below are examples of some chromatograms and spectrums:


chromatogram full combo - shany 15-12-13


spectrum - shany 15-12-13 .1

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